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Tammy Denease

An accomplished Performing Artist, Storyteller, Actor, and Playwright, Tammy Denease specializes in bringing to life the lives of very important, yet “hidden” women in history. Among her favorites are Bessie Coleman (first internationally licensed pilot in the world) and Elizabeth Keckly (former enslaved woman who worked at Lincoln’s White House), Margu (Amistad captive) and Elizabeth “MumBet” Freeman – one minute a free woman. Tammy performs at historical sites, libraries, schools, theaters, and corporate events. When Tammy is not bringing historical figures to life, she vividly tells folktales where she takes the audience into a world in which animals set the scene for life lessons!

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Recent News

Region commemorates Juneteenth

The Day –  June 12. 2021  New London — Speaking at the Juneteenth Festival at the Hempsted Houses, New London City Council President and keynote speaker

Our Mission

The mission of Hidden Women, LLC is to educate, motivate, inspire and to challenge the imagination of others to not only set goals but strive to achieve them. Through historical theater, Hidden Women, LLC help individuals to overcome obstacles through the stories of hidden historical figures often left out of America's rich and vast history.

Some of the Women & Their Stories

Elizabeth Keckly

Successful dressmaker, civil activist, and author in Washington, DC.

Bessie Coleman

Early American civil aviator. She was the first African-American woman and the first Native-American to hold a pilot license.

Sarah Margu

First African to graduate from college.

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