Clo Pratt

Although born into slavery, Clo Pratt is willed her freedom by her late mistress. As a free woman, Clo earns her living by hiring herself out, making clothes with her loom and cleaning local homes.


Join Tammy on a trip to Colonial Connecticut, where you will learn about some of the events that led to freedom for the Colonies, including the meeting between George Washington and Rochambeau at Joseph Webb’s house.

Joan Jackson

Joan was born into slavery to a deaf and mute mother, Maria. Maria would be owned by the Fox family. Maria would meet and marry John Jackson. They would wed and have two children, Adam and Miriam.


John would eventually be free and then purchase Joan’s freedom. But because she was a slave when their children were born, they would have to leave the children behind.

Due to a dispute between the Fox and Beebe families, Joan would be kidnapped and put back into slavery.

As Joan Jackson, Tammy Denease will tell you about an ‘Unchained Love’ filled with twists and turns, heartache, deception and an undying love.


Photos by Tom Bombria/Hempsted Houses.

Belinda the Afrikan

Belinda the Afrikan – Compelled to Servitude

Belinda the Afrikan was born into the Asanti Kingdom. She was kidnapped from her homeland and sold into slavery to the Royal Family on the island of Antigua and then to Mesford, Massachusetts.

Although denied the ability to read and write, Belinda the Afrikan would petition the government for what was rightfully hers – reparations for her slave labor. Tammy Denease takes you from the Volta River to the Boiling houses of Antigua to Medford, Massachusetts where the drama unfolds.


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