Hidden Women


TAMMY DENEASE: I am Tammy Denease. I am the Outreach Director for the Connecticut Freedom Trail, Executive Director of the Hidden Women Stage Company, and I am a historian. When I look at the painting by John Trumbull, The Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776, I am actually looking for the invisible.

Invisible are the millions who were stolen from their homeland, family and all that was most familiar to them. Yet their very presence and contributions are somehow ignored in this historical portrait of this most important event in American history. When I look at this portrait, I think of those who were rendered invisible yet their forced labor and contributions are the reason for this most important and world-changing event. When I look at this portrait, I see this most important document being signed to give freedom and all that comes along with such a designation to one group while oppressing many others. When you look at this portrait, what do you see?